Activity 13: Midterm Review Conference

Status: Finalised; Month: 27th - 29th November 2011 in Batam, Indonesia

Brief Description

In September 2011, the Midterm Review Conference summarized and concluded the efforts towards Best Practice replication, capacity and network building and exchange of knowledge so far. Additionally, it provided the opportunity for Local Government Associations (LGAs), DELGOSEA partners, government officials and representatives from EU, ASEAN and KAS to discuss the status of best practice replication and sustainability strategies in the frameworks of policy recommendations and financing.

The two-day conference was concluded by a one-day monitoring training led by an external evaluator. The monitoring training was created custom-tailored for the demands of the pilot cities in order to improve capabilities and skill in monitoring and evaluation of the implementation phase of the project.

The participants from Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines came from various sectors such as media, civil society, government, international organizations, and the 16 pilot cities.

 The specific objectives of the conference were:

  1. Participants get a broad overview and understanding of the activities which have been concluded within the DELGOSEA framework in the past 18 months.
  2. Participants get an impression of how the replication is taking place in the different pilot cities, what challenges the implementing authorities face and how they adapted the best practices for implementation purposes.
  3. Participants understand the role of the Local Government Associations within the process of best practice replication.
  4. Participants discuss individual and collective opportunities towards improved sustainability of the best practice replication and network of stakeholders involved.
  5. Participants are equipped with the ability to monitor and evaluate the process of best practice replication in their respective pilot city.

Key discussion points/lessons learned:

  • In order to replicate best practices, adaptations have to be made before the implementation phase due of the different political and cultural systems.
  • Pilot cities shared their experiences on how to overcome these challenges in obstacles by adaptation to the national frameworks.
  • Policy changes are necessary in order to provide sound legal frameworks which support and allow transnational best practice replication.
  • Ownership and participation of the people is the key to success in order to implement the best practices.
  • The Local Government Associations are the main stakeholders to sustain, strengthen and spread the best practice implementation processes.
  • Best practice exchange should be introduced and institutionalized on the national and regional levels.


Quantification of Results:

  • 1 press briefing and various interviews involving media representatives from 5 different countries during the market place session and during the conference.
  • 50 participants trained in best practice implementation monitoring and evaluation, including certificates of participation.
  • 25 new members agreed to be named in the website and function as strategic partners of DELGOSEA.
  • 16 pilot cities introduced their projects and status of replication by setting up respective booths and providing discussions during the market place session.

 Qualitative Results:

  • Participants exchanged information on processes, challenges and solutions during the initial steps of the best practice transfer process.
  • Local Government Associations shared their views on a sustainable integration of best practices into their regular member services.
  • Government officials shared initiatives related to the political and legal frameworks on local governance in their countries and provided remarks on the policy recommendations provided by DELGOSEA.
  • Participants have been equipped with the tools to monitor and evaluate the best practice replication process in their respective cities.
  • Networking amongst pilot cities and LGAs has been strengthened between the five countries.

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