Activity 2: Presentation of the Action to the 10 Local Government Associations (LGAs) Involved as Key Stakeholders

Status: Finalised; Month: March 2010

Brief Description

The aim of this workshop was to present the project outline to the local government associations as the main key stakeholders of the project, to confirm their commitment and create local ownership.


  • All invited Local Government Associations (LGA) participated in the workshop.
  • All LGAs nominated persons who will act as contact persons for this project after the workshop.
  • The presentation underlined the key message of this project which is to strengthen the capacities of LGAs in the region.
  • Agreement on: the LGAs will be closely involved in the recruitment of experts to carry out activity 3 and 4. 
  • Agreement on: the LGAs will actively participate in the discussions and definition of criteria for the selection of Best Practices (BPs).
  • Agreement on: the LGAs will support the national coordinators in approaching the BP places as well as the pilot cities.
  • Agreement on: the LGAs will suggest profiles for trainers.
  • Agreement on: the LGAs will be involved on the identification and final selection of 16BPs.
  • Agreement on: the LGAs will play their role in monitoring the implementation of BPs in the pilot cities.
  • A first draft of the four thematic themes has been presented and later on distributed for further input.
  • The national coordinators will have to ensure the close involvement of the LGAs. Cooperation agreements have been signed between the national offices and the LGAs.