Activity 9 & 15: Drafting and Updating of Transfer Concepts and Action Plans in Pilot Cities

Status: Finalised; Month: January - December 2011

Brief Description

Following the ToT (activity 8) in November 2010, the project coordinators and selected coaches did follow-up visits with the pilot cities between December and January 2011. The aim was to a) ensure the ongoing support of the majors and other decision-makers, b) to agree on a detailed timetable for the elaboration of transfer concepts and trainings, c) to brainstorm about their demand in developing the concepts as well as the identification of local stakeholders to be involved in this activity. At the same time, the national coordinators did a selection of coaches for the specific pilot cities. They decided about the teams responsible for running the transfer concepts as well as later for project monitoring in each pilot city.

Between February and March the working groups for the development of the transfer concepts met again in the pilot cities. In some workshops the logframe methods or strategic mapping were used to come up with strategies on how to replicate the selected best practices. It has to be noted that the demand and capacities very much differ between the different cities and countries. The national coordinators had to reflect this in their planning; different approaches were chosen to achieve the most effective outcome.

After the workshops the write-up of transfer concepts is have been taken place. To ensure a certain level of quality and common standard, the project management provided guidelines and key information to be provided in the transfer concepts. However, the development of transfer concepts are ongoing activities. All concepts are constantly being updated taking into account new insides from the study tours and the results from the project monitoring.


  • 16 tailor-made transfer concepts – one for each pilot city - available in national as well as English language;
  • Official approval of transfer concepts by majors and other key decision-makers;
  • Publication of transfer concepts on the DELGOSEA website.

Find the respective Transfer Concepts here: available as long version (national language) and short version (English).


Choam Chao








Bacolod City

Misamis Oriental

One Pangasinan Alliance/ Alaminos


Chiang Rai City

Pakkret Municipality


Yala City


Danang City

Tra Vinh City

Vinh City